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Woman in Pain and Needing a Root Canal from Jefferson Dental Care GA

Did you know that root canal therapy is one of the least painful general dentistry procedures available from Jefferson Dental Care? It is an important fact, considering that this is one of the most essential oral healthcare treatments you are likely to ever need. The truth of the matter is, myths about root canal therapy have caused patients more pain than the procedure could actually achieve.

When the pulp of the teeth becomes infected, pain can result that will increase in severity with time. Root canal therapy is used to remove the infection at our office. Our dentist will carry out repairs to the affected teeth. Downtime from this procedure is relatively short, and pain is minimal in comparison to that of seriously infected teeth.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Teeth do not become painful without an underlying cause. In many cases, the pain that you are experiencing is due to an infection either in the gum, root or pulp of the tooth. When the infection has penetrated the pulp of the tooth, a root canal is often the only way that Jefferson Dental Care can provide relief.

Thanks to the comprehensive exam that we carry out at Jefferson Dental Care, your dental team can quickly determine if a root canal is the right treatment option for you. This will save you from the misery of further suffering due to an incorrect diagnosis. Our team is also available to provide advice over the phone if you suspect that you may have a tooth infection and are not sure whether you should make an appointment.

If you are experiencing a toothache with no obvious cause, contact our expert dentistry team at Jefferson Dental Care today. We are here to ensure you receive the pain relief that you need.

Our Patient Reviews

Jefferson Dental Care

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Kayla B.

The whole office staff is amazing! Super friendly and helpful. Dr. Gannon has always been very nice and does great work! My husband sees Dr. Vetter and has only good things to say as well. I highly recommend this office!

Karen W.

We have had great experiences with Dr Gannon and Dr Vetter and their entire staff. They make you feel at ease and therefore we don't dread going to the dentist anymore

Barbara S.

This office is wonderful, Dr. Gannon is amazing super nice and the staff are so sweet. Thank you all for a great experience

Mindi C.

I live and work in Habersham but I have used this group for 15 years. I will drive the distance to see them because they are the best !! See you in 12/15/14 Dr Vetter.

Malcolm W.

Great folks!!! All the folks there are special ... Gotta love that Doctor Vetter!!!

Lee L.

What a GREAT experience!!! Dr Vetter is AWESOME!!

Wanda B.

Dr. Paul gannon is the best...

Caroline W.

Very friendly staff, professional and knowledgeable.

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