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Why Better Oral Healthcare Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution Jefferson, GA

Why Better Oral Healthcare Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy woman in a dental chair showing her thumb up.

Tis the season for making promises to ourselves about better habits moving forward into a fresh new year! When you’re making your list of resolutions this year, it’s important to remember it’s never too late to establish healthier habits. While it’s inevitable to shed a few resolutions over the coming months, a commitment to protecting […]

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The Connection Between Oral Health and Whole-Body Wellness

For a variety of reasons, most people tend to view oral health and the health of the rest of their bodies as totally separate issues. The truth is, what’s going into your oral care routine can have an effect on what’s coming out on medical exams and testing, and vice versa. Oral health and whole-body […]

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Are You Suffering from a TMJ Disorder?

A woman suffering from jaw pain.

Chronic pain in the jaw may indicate that you are suffering from a TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint is the hinge that connects your lower jaw to your skull. The causes of this disorder are a bit of a mystery. However, teeth grinding and stress are commonly associated symptoms. You may experience pain in the […]

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How Often Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Young Girl in a Dentist Chair Jefferson, GA

It is a common concern: “how often should my child go to the dentist?” Generally, it is the same as for adults — twice a year. However, there are other considerations to keep in mind when deciding how often a child should visit the dentist. Children Need Routine Dental Care Taking a child to the […]

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Is Your Dentist Guided Treatment Right for You?

When you visit the dentist, are you happy with all the treatments offered? For most adults, appearances and function of teeth begin to degrade. You may have an idea of which treatments you want, but are those options the best for your oral health? Dentists want to accommodate patients. However, there are some treatments that […]

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Asthma and Oral Heath

A woman using inhaler due to asthma.

About 1 in 13 people in the United States are affected by asthma. Approximately 20 million adults 18 and older suffer from asthma and nearly 6 million children are affected. Every year the number of people with this condition increases. Inhalation therapy is used to treat many who live with this respiratory illness. While the […]

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Don’t Let Your Mouth Get Summer Dry!

Happy parents playing with their little son on a beach.

This is a wonderful time of year and the team at Jefferson Dental Care encourages you to make the most of it. We are also reminding you to take good care of your teeth and gums while you are enjoying your summer. With the summer heat, your body tends to slow down on its saliva […]

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Dentistry Delays Will Impact Oral and General Health

Man with dental pain.

Visiting the dentist may feel like a chore that you would rather avoid. However, your oral and general health could suffer if you don’t stick to scheduled appointments. The teeth and gums are more important as components in the body than you may realize. When you eat and drink, every chemical consumed can have an […]

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Dental Restoration is About More Than Your Smile

Dental Procedure

Your smile is a doorway to opportunities. Whether you are trying to form personal relationships or progress in a career, healthy-looking teeth are a benefit. However, restoring your smile means more than the ability to impress. Like any other part of the body, the mouth relies on biological processes. Your teeth, gums, and bones have […]

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Dental Implants Could Really Bring Back Your Smile

Older Patient at Dentist

Losing teeth is never something positive. Unfortunately, it is often unavoidable, even when we do our best to prevent it from happening. It can affect your self-confidence and cause problems eating and speaking. Removable dentures help to mask the issue, but they’re just not like the real thing. Don’t let it get you down; there […]

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We have had great experiences with Dr Gannon and Dr Vetter and their entire staff. They make you feel at ease and therefore we don't dread going to the dentist anymore

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This office is wonderful, Dr. Gannon is amazing super nice and the staff are so sweet. Thank you all for a great experience

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I live and work in Habersham but I have used this group for 15 years. I will drive the distance to see them because they are the best !! See you in 12/15/14 Dr Vetter.

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Great folks!!! All the folks there are special ... Gotta love that Doctor Vetter!!!

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What a GREAT experience!!! Dr Vetter is AWESOME!!

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Dr. Paul gannon is the best...

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